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No sickness, no death, no need to bow your head [entries|friends|calendar]

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(To Asgard)

[01 Jan 2005|06:32pm]
"A clearing in the woods"

A brooding sky mourning midnight black
Above wooded paths I must pass through
New moon no where in sight
on this eve bereft of light.

A phantasmal sight upon midnight's shore
as the astral realm opens it's door
Cold winds crawl forth from the East
The Elf-Kings are out to feast
Seven Witch lords light the circle fire
As the bard takes up his lyre.

I from behind this Oak tree
Wish to join what I see
This gathering of eldritch nobility

Pallor hands pass the candles lit
around the flame Dwarve-masters sit
The most joyous celebration
with all heart felt elation

A secret nation forged far to the west
Away from all sorrow, there they may rest

A gathering of every witch, dwarf, and fay
All to hear what their wise man had to say
For ere the morning all were to sail away

Some of the otherworld folk will stay
There in the barrows and Sidhes they lay
Yet no elf-kin or dwarf after this eve
For all to long have yearned to leave
Yet one day to our aid they will come again
but for now they leave migdard to our men

I was seen and an undine took my hand
and here upon thier last galley I stand
Drifting far off to some new land.

(2 rode the waves | To Asgard)

[12 Aug 2004|04:29pm]
This journal is friends only.

What lies inside

the bands lyrics
other songs

and anything else I would like to share.

If you add me I would most likely add you back.

It is all copyrighted so nobody get any ideas not like it is anything that you cna make money with anyways.

Heimdall The rhaven hearted,2224.,mr3.4,m5

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